Eric Zeisl Exhibition

Eric Zeisl - Endstation Schein-Heiligenstadt

Eric Zeisl was born in Vienna in 1905 and grew up in his parents' coffee house near the Praterstern. He became a composer against his parents' wishes, his teacher Richard Stöhr describing him as his most talented student. Zeisl rapidly gained popularit in Vienna, particularly through his art songs. His music is a combination of the late Romantic tradition and moderately progressive elements. In 1938 he escaped to Paris with his wife Gertrud, before moving on to New York and Los Angeles. With help of friends he was gradually drawn towards the magic of Hollywood. But this move was a fiasco for Zeisl. He worked without interruption but, unlike his colleagues Korngold or Eisler, he was scarcely mentioned in the films he wrote for.

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